![]( the (new) wooden pipe rack, I have the Rossi Vittoria pipe, in the small stand in front, I have the Dr Grabow “Royal Duke” pipe (even though this is a misprint, not RD shape at all), and sitting below that is the Decatur red plaid *pipe* pouch, not a tobacco pouch, because there is no enclosure, so tobacco would go all over the place if I tried to put loose leaf in there.nnThe RD pipe (though misshapen), smokes pretty well, and I am overall happy with it. The John Cotton Double-pressed Kentucky blend tastes *delicious* out of it. Really nice.nnAlso, coffee is accompanying it. Terrific combo :)nnTo be honest, I assumed I would be able to take this (the new pipe) outside onto the balcony early in the AM and have a smoke in (or amongst) the snow, but I don’t even know if we will GET snow this year! If the #stlwx keeps up like it is, we certainly won’t :/ But, having a dark blend of tobacco (be it a Latakia blend or a dark-fired Kentucky) in the ice cold weather – it can’t be beat.nnBack later

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