Meaning, a blog that does not even need a database, really. See, with PHP, I can create a "publishing" site (similar to how v.1.0 worked), where it is nothing more than the POST or GET commands (in PHP) and when I have a textarea on the first page (accessible only by me (say, a PW protected URL like "")), and then that textarea would publish to it's own URL (like, ", BUT, I researched HIGH and LOW into how to make a post like that have only the title, and not the entirety of every word (from the textarea) in the URL. And now (I am just realizing) why the "Title" section of any/every blog post on every blog platform is so important, so critical - it is telling the URL slug what to put after the extension.

So, what I was doing before, was looking at uniqID stuff, and I think uniqURI or something to that effect, but that is not necessary in the case of what I need a blog platform to do. So here is what I need a personal blog platform to do:

  • have a PW-protected log-in page (should be easy)
  • have a page that is a Title section followed by a standard textarea
  • With the "Publish" button (below the textarea), it would send (or publish) that post's contents (via POST method OR GET method (in PHP)) to a URL like ""
  • and then have a full damn page with simple, short hyperlinks to each and every blog post I've made (so, the homepage for "" (for this example))
  • and then incorporate RSS into the whole thing (somehow)

This all seems quite easy, but it actually isn't! Mostly because if I cannot get the ish set up within a few days, I lose all motivation to work on the thing, and it essentially gets abandoned. So, that is a self-fulfilling prophecy right there, so I will wrap it up and say I am NOT making a platform at this moment.

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