SPOILER ALERT (not really a spoiler alert), I have been blogging over on write.as/tmo for fxxx knows how long (possibly for the entirety of this blog's existence (I fired up the VPS for this Ghost blog on Feb.2, 2022)), and updates had been (for aw while) infrequent on the W.a blog, then more frequent, then a drop off, and now I am posting over there all the time. It is also where I have been blogging (and came back TO blogging) since late-2017 (well, mid-2018 on the TMO blog, but I had a Free account on Write.as under the name "diarist" sometime in late-2017). So, TMO had been going for almost exactly four years now. I love it! I also have a side blog on there, called (sub)TMO, and that gets updated about the same amount as TMO, for now it does, anyway. Other blogs on W.a have came and went:

  • Currently
  • TMO Cooks
  • olearyxyz
  • Thanx | lab

And countless others that I cannot...count!

But, TMO is the hub. The home. The place (for me) to be :)

I also dabbled with blot.im (a different blogging platform), and it was very nice, very cool, and had nice themes - but, it wasn't what I wanted 100%. And there wasn't too much of a community around it, that I could tell.

If I go back far enough, I've used nearly ALL blog platforms out there (that are worth shaking a stick at, anyway) - WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and even Svbtle and TypePad.

What sticks around the longest (for me)? Write.as. Blogger had a good spell from 2006-2011, but that's because it was Pro blogging, and Google made it dead simple to integrate AdSense advertisements into the blog (at the time, now there is a "minimum daily reads" marker someone has to hit in order to enable the ads feature (Google sucks)). Tumblr had a moment, too. From 2011 until 2016 or so I had a blog there (called Tomskee.com), which I deleted when Tumblr stopped functioning in even a basic sense.

Anyway, Write.as WORKS, for me. I know when I start adding custom domains to a blog (which I will never do to the TMO blog, because I always wanted it to STAY write.as/tmo), things go batshit for W.a servers (why they can't handle a custom domain well (or quickly), I will never know). There are also things that throw me "off" sometimes - such as publishing a blog post, and getting a "There Is Nothing Here" error, which was a BIG reason why I ragged so hard on W.a when I started this blog in Feb of this year. That got fixed a month or so later. And there are other issues I've taken with other elements of the Write.as/WriteFreely ecosystem (things with Snap.as, and for a time I had issues with Remark.as), but in terms of the writing and publishing process of just DOING a blog post on Write.as, I almost never have an issue. If something "goes astray", or I lose a WiFi connection, the blog post is saved in it's entirety the next time I visit Write.as/new (or sometimes it is Write.as/#). In the earlier days of W.a, NOTHING saved, and I lost a handful of blog posts to rageful fury! LOL! Not nearly as many were lost on W.a as were lost in the mid-2000's with Internet Explorer on Windows XP while using Google's Blogger (it was nearly a daily occurrence over there), but losing even ONE blog post is a pain in the ass!

It (Write.as) is not everyone's cup of tea, not everyone's "jam", etc., but I am relatively happy there. So I'll just stick around.

Also, for this blog (on Ghost, on my VPS), tmo.name, I am going to keep it around for a while longer. I am going to look into which software I would like to host on my Linode VPS (another $5 per mo "Nanode"), and then fire that up, and self-host that instead of the Ghost software.

Likely, the new software/service will be a note-taking app (or something), but I really like the self-hosting element of...services :) And once I have the new software (whatever it may be) up and running, I will go ahead and delete this VPS with this blog on it. The relevant/good posts have already been saved, and then transferred to my external SSD, and some will get re-published elsewhere. Probably. IDK.

The tmo.name URL I will of course keep and renew, because I love the URL (is basic as fxxx and suits me well ;)), but I have no clue what I will use the URL for.

So there we have it. I love the Ghost software, and it is the best blogging platform besides W.a, but this bloggo will eventually be no more.

Wish you all the best, and sub (or re-sub via RSS) to Write.as/tmo, if you like :):):)

Thanks for reading