I always hear about “the connected generation”, which is to say anyone/everyone who was born and raised with fast/reliable internet, social networks, etc. But, that’s just ONE facet, one trait of the *reality* of the generation of the past 20+ years (and every generation to follow) in America. nnWhat I am referring to is college debt. Which is teetering on $2 trillion (with a “T”) these days. It can’t be paid back. Won’t get paid back. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario (deciding on whether to enroll in higher ed or not to), and the (predatory) student loan situation is just that, predatory. Immoral. Corrupt. Scandalous. And should be flat out illegal. nnBut, people think they can out-smart corruption, or/and just “reform” a “broken system”, which is false. Bandaids don’t heal traumatic brain injuries, just like good-hearted reforms don’t fix malicious loan practices. nnBut politicians (even Biden – who isn’t as clean cut as people think) assume that they get to kick this loan crisis can down the road another four years. Or eight years. Or twenty years. Not that it will ever go away – it just won’t be on *their* watch.nnSo politically, an impoverished generation falls on the backs of federal leadership who fail to take any form of responsibility. nnBut it all falls to politics to a certain extent – because colleges (since their inception) have been (heavily) subsidized by the government. Failure to do so, means A) less people go, or B) more people are *conned* into going and therefore accumulating the debt associated. nnSo, from an individual perspective, the best bet is to just NOT go. Yes, the economy needs workers with higher education levels. The response to that? Too bad! The Great Resignation (and people continuing to not seek work to begin with) is one trait of a bastardized system that cannot, will not, and shall not fix itself. It’s one of the (*many*) reasons people have been SAYING that “the system is broken” for decades – they weren’t saying it for shits and giggles, it was the actual truth! Reform(s) *were* possible (past-tense) once upon a time, but that fairytale Grace period of prosperity is over, has ended, and now we have systemic changes to make in order to ensure a semblance of **stability** (or perhaps even prosperity) for the generation of now, and the generations of the future.

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