7:00 PM, five hours to go until midnight. I finished my coffee, and finished a bowl of VA/Per tobacco (some of the last of it), which I will be all too happy to say "sianara" to in May (including ditching the pipe), and just going with cigarettes for a while (kinda/sorta, but also CUTTING BACK on smoking in a BIG way). I've grown to resent smoking in the past several years. Just disgusting.

The coffee has me keyed up quite a bit. Which is a good thing. But, I am not over-caffeinated like I was this morning. Three cups of bold coffee sent my ass to the moon before sunrise, and I didn't like being that worked up from just caffeine. I think the fact that I had no food on hand made things more potent, but, now I have plenty of grub, and will not "over-do" it will the caffeine, so...I'll be good.

Music will be put on soon. Likely the "My Mix 1" playlist that Tidal continues to suggest for me, which has a lot of amazing tracks on it. In fact, I will put that on in just a second here.

And, I will be up late, but probably not ALL night, as I don't like all-nighters that much, really.

Back in a bit