the here, the there, the not going anywhere


It's a hell of a thing. It's possibly the most fulfilling/rewarding and life-affirming thing a person can have. If or when they do have it.

And I suppose we all have it in little ways in our own lives.

I have the power to do most of what I want, in my life, in my days, as an adult who lives on his own.

Someone else might have power in a position of responsibility at their work. Or raising their children. Mind you that now all "power" is bad, in any way.

It (power itself) is less of a malicious presence, and less of an ominous position to have/be in, and more of the consolidation of it. The moves and systemic habits to remain in it, and prevention from others from having it.

Of course people see this in tech companies (anti-competitive behavior), oppressive governments (usually a Communist country), and also "star power", in regards to "who's who" and "what matters" and things like that.

These measures (sort of an anti-competitive approach to profit, personal freedom(s), and individual significance - in regards to the three examples above), likely do (and are doing) little else than keeping "it" (the world we live) all the same.

Are you in a position of power? Good on you. Nothing to worry about. This entry likely isn't akin to a narrative you'd be interested in, nor have use for, because the silver spoon has been given to you.

But for me, I personally (being totally candid, and honest), would like to have more power. Sort of like the old (fucked up) phrase about the ambitions of humans:

"We'll drain the oceans so we can find and kill God, only so we can have his power"

...I'm not sure where I read that, but it's a jarring statement, for sure.

It also speaks to how humans think: they (I/we) don't "dislike" or "disagree" with the concepts or demands of a/the power structure. It's just that humans always want to be the one making the call(s).

So I am not opposed to power, itself, it's just that in my position in life, I currently have little of it, and would like more.

And likely countless others are in this same position.

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