I’ve been watching some vlogs on YouTube lately, as well as reading blogs, and (being the quasi-judgemental person that I am) I feel like sometimes while scrubbing through a video, or glancing through a blog post (if the subject matter in particular isn’t interesting to me at that moment), I can overall get a “gist” of what the person “is about”. Or at least the *tone* of their style of writing or their chosen form of communication (in the case of vloggers – talking). Not immediately, but over time – I get it. nnAnd then I read/listen closer, or deeper – and then there are details. Sometimes repeating details. And it isn’t that they are saying “this thing is very important/special to me”, but the expression on their face changes, the tone of their voice, the emphasis behind the words (another subject all unto itself), the things written preceding and following it – clues and signs.nnAnd then there’s the story. Determining what is “needed”, or relevant, or important to the tale at hand. What is “in concrete” in what is filler. Believing in (or knowing the person well enough to) perceive what’s next, where it is all going – creating a type of **predictability** within the narrative – it’s probably a more difficult to portray than it seems, but really it is just ongoing correspondence (be it with thousands of reader/watchers, or just a few – mass correspondence or personal correspondence, or self-correspondence).nnA [wise man](https://raamdev) once said, “there’s importance in just showing up”, putting in the face time, the writing time, the creative time, to make a thing for oneself or others. It pays off in the end (be it emotionally, spiritually, or (as some people want it to) financially) – and, it pays off short term, as well (for me it has helped my mental state for the better part of a decade).nnSo, that is what I will say for now – get a gist, pay attention to the details, hear the story. Everyone has one. 🙂

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