The first punk, the first hipster - James Dean: The Greaser

That's probably a better quality title than a post I am capable of writing. But here's some shit:

I, have never seen a James Dean movie. I don't know why. I was born in 1983, so you'd figure a movie or two of his would come my way in my lifetime, or at least in my childhood when it (time) was closer to "his era". But, I never saw one. So it goes.

I don't know what I was doing online, looking at "style"/"fashion" pictures, or whatever. And I happened across some photos of James Dean. A classic/timeless style he emits.

Just look at this photo. He is wearing a big, thick-collared leather biker jacket, a sweater vest underneath, dress pants, motorcycle gloves in the back pocket, and has short/spiky hair.

Looking like this was a crime in 40 states back when the photo was taken

Pioneering some fashion here, for sure

Just wanted to put in my two cents

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