...and my stomach churns :/

I need to get on the ball and make something substantial to eat here soon. Something more than just fruit. And something more nutritious than a cheese quesadilla (which I just finished). So, in a little while I will prepare a proper dinner.

Tomorrow, I will make the trip to Schnucks and get some good "dinner type" food.

Now, I sit and write and kinda/sorta relax, but then again kinda/sorta try to think of things to "do", to pass the time. I took out the trash, I cleaned up the kitchen, I did a load of dishes, and straightened up the apartment a bit. Things looks spiffy around here, but I look like I just emerged from a cave - I need to shower, shave, get myself put together.

I feel good, though. The headache from earlier is subsiding a bit (perhaps hunger pains?), and I overall feel ok.

Also, therapy was rescheduled the other day. I was supposed to have it Wednesday at noon, but she (the therapist) rescheduled it until next Thursday. Which is fine. It will be via Google Duo, as usual.

Now, I need to make food.

back soon