the dogs of blogs


You're walking through your kitchen. You aren't paying attention, and your foot accidentally grazes your dog - and is amounts to a small, unintentional "kick". Not harm-inducing, but one that causes "notice" of the dog.

The dog immediately lowers it's head/tail and apologizes to YOU!

Pt 2 of analogy

A tech company decides to make a cash grab in the market. They have a piece of hardware/software that they charge X for, and out of the clear blue, they decide they want/need more money for their product.

When a news publication/blog picks up on this, they report on it. After the facts have been relayed to the reader, they immediately fill the following paragraph with their apology FOR that company! E.g. they forgo any type of outrage or even dissatisfaction with a price hike, and instead make their reverse-engineered excuse as to why paying MORE money for a thing that WAS cheap is a good thing.

For those wondering, here's the story I am referencing (in this instance, but it is really "tech journalism 101").

The announcement:

The publication/blog apology:

What a stupid fucking mouthpiece tech outlets are in 2022! Lol!

/end rant

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