6:00 PM, and it was a sunny, fair weather day. Not too much occurred on this day, other than going over to Dierbergs and getting some soda and shampoo. I also made a small jaunt to BP and bought Lucky Strikes and a Mt Dew Code Red (which is not sold at Dierbergs). I had to get *some* form of walk in today, for sure. I may still head up that way again today, but I am no direct need to, because I have no clue what I would buy? Chips, maybe? I basically just want to get out of the house again, for *any* reason.nnDefinitely some delightful weather though. nnTomorrow, I have a doctor appointment with my Primary Care Physician to figure out what can be done for the lower-right muscle in my back, and if steroid shots are possible for when the temperatures turn to single-digits in the deep Winter. I would like to not just re-injure the thing again and again, which requires a muscle relaxer shot at the ER every time the weather gets bad. So steroid shots may be possible, but I have no idea. More on that tomorrow afternoon.nnRight Now, my back is A-OK, which I am very grateful for.nnSoon, I will walk to BP again. Find *something* to get (a food product of some kind), as the food selection in my kitchen is sort of “slim pickin’s”, as I need to make another grocery run in the near future. I DO have food on hand, but it is nothing terribly interesting or appetizing. In fact, I only ate one meal today – two eggs on a tortilla wrap with herb ranch dressing. So, whatever I can find at a cheapskate gas station will tide me over until sundown, when I make a proper dinner. I tend to eat fairly healthy, but a bag or snack of this or that from a hole in the wall gas station is fine as long as it isn’t too often.nnAnyway, I’ll be back soon

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