I slept a couple hours. From 8-10, if that. Not much of a "rest", really - more or less just a power nap. The new mattress cannot be ordered soon enough. I will see about placing the order tomorrow, which is a distinct possibility. Hell, I will even fast-track the delivery to be sent here ASAP. The sooner I get the mattress, the sooner my sleep goes back to normal, the sooner my mind/mood realigns itself, the sooner things start to seem "normal", again (not that there is such a thing as "normal" afterall).

So anyway, a late night it will be, it seems. Coffee has been made, I have a pipe going, I took Ibuprofen for an ongoing toothache - sort of the usual. Also, I cracked open the sliding glass door since it is 42 degrees(!) outside, even though it was single-digits less than 48 hours ago. A warm and dry Winter in the SE, indeed. Though it was raining a bit ago. But a "dry rain", or, no humidity to speak of.

Before I slept, I managed to get in a quick resistance band workout, and that was nice. It was much needed, as it has been close to a week since I have done resistance bands. Those more or less keep my workouts "in check" when I am stranded indoors during the depths of Winter and the heights of Summer, and I cannot otherwise go out and get in cardio walks.

back soon