The Day I Stopped to Live, I stole a thousand beggars change and gave it to the riiiich

Been a day or so away from the blog. May as well have been a week. 100% burnt on blogging, really. I feel like a week has gone by (in a good way), that's how pre-disposed my mind is to writing shit. I usually put shit into some prose form in the day, I haven't done so, feel better for not having done so.

I scheduled with Metro Call-A-Ride for the trip to/from Independence Center on Monday.

7:10 AM I leave

5:30 PM I come back


My sister "C" has COVID, as does my niece "K". I hope they are doing ok, just texted to see how they are, awaiting for a response.

Going to see Neighbor "S". Having a pop right now, too.

as you were

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