the day begins

Walked to BP. Cigs were bought.

I am off to IC at 9:57 AM, and then coming back from IC at 12:15 PM.

So I will be there for an hour

better than nothing

Before that, visiting Neighbor "S"

Owe him two packs of cigs

8:19 AM now

Ordered a Rossi Notte 8673 bent bulldog tobacco pipe from The Pipe Nook(.com) a bit ago, and I am looking forward to that. Happy to give Eddie Gray my business. Good dude. Good shop. Good pipes :)

The 8673 is essentially identical to an 673 from Savinelli (Rossi might be owned by Savinelli?). And 673 is the shape that was used most frequently by John Harden (Mtatches860) on YT (RIP). In fact, Eddie Gray arranged for 673 pipes (as in, 673 individual pipes) to be made in that shape in John's honor, and then labeled (Pipe 1, Pipe 2, etc). I am pretty sure those are sold out on The Pipe Nook, as he did that just after John's passing.

Matches meant a lot to YouTube, the YouTube Pipe Community, and to me - a nice guy who was a sort of comfort to binge watch his videos just before and after my late-Father's death. And Matches of course was one of the best storytellers I ever saw (on YT or IRL). Dude would sometimes get into a "cadence" of storytelling - take a puff or two, say a few words, puff again, a few more words - and all of the narration would draw me in, and there was a dramatic "flow" to the whole thing. Fascinating to listen to :)

I will watch some more of John's videos soon. Especially after the 8673 arrives.

So, I have the 8673, the Cornell & Dheil "Good Morning" pipe tobacco arriving, as well as Backwoods Red tobacco, and I may mess around and order another blend here shortly. Not sure.

For now, I need to visit Neighbor "S" and give him his two packs of cigs and have coffee there.

back later

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