I just realized that a few minutes ago. Here in the St Louis region, the #stlwx is going to get to below-freezing tonight, and I am actually looking forward to that quite a bit. Colder is better. Snow is good. I love Winter. LOL!nnSo, a couple things have shipped – the tobacco and jeans, the other things just say “order: processing”, so they will ship when they ship. The jeans are the wrong ones, though – they are the right size but I *thought* I ordered them in Dark Wash but they are arriving in Washed Indigo (which is almost identical to Dark Wash). Not a *huge* deal, but I wish they didn’t have a default color scheme auto-selected that way **I** would select the color and be sure I was getting the pair I wanted. But, this is good/close enough.nnAnd tomorrow, I think I *am* going to pick up a regular amount of groceries, because I need them and my leg doesn’t feel *that* bad. Cramps up, or at least tightens up here and there, but not an ongoing/permanent pain or anything like that. Besides, it is the only time I will have a ride to do so this week, so…nnIn fact, I will see about my ride arriving a little bit early so I can swing by Great Clips and get my hair cut before I do the shopping, because my hair *must* be cut!nnAll in the works for tomorrow morning/afternoonnnback later

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