I had oatmeal for supper, as I just wanted something light and sweet (and easy to make). Maple & Brown Sugar flavored (with maple syrup added on top). nnTomorrow, better weather? It is supposed to get up to 42 and sunny, so that will be a stark difference from today. Thank Dog.nnI swear, the cinder block wall in my kitchen/living room makes me feel like I am living in a prison, sometimes. Either that or the Job Corps campus. Or college. Or the military. Or *some* institution! Haha. It’s a very unwelcoming and brooding characteristic of my living space. At first I thought it was “unique” (when I moved to this apartment complex 4.5 years ago), but now, I just view it as a flaw in design. No insulation with it whatsoever, ugly to look at, can’t hang pictures/art on it, at all – all it does is act as a firewall (as in, an IRL “stop-fires-from-burning-down-another-apartment” type of firewall, not the digital form). I wish it were just plain drywall :/nnAnyhow, now it is 22 degrees and dropping, and everything will be pure ice by tomorrow (if it isn’t already), but things *might* melt by mid-afternoon. No that I am going anywhere, as I am the King of Boring(TM).nnJust a fast update. Back soon

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