It’s 10:30 AM. No clouds in the sky. Not even a “poof” of them, lol! No gradients of white amongst blue. Not even an isolated “chem trail” (not the real term) can be found in the air above. Just blue, blue, blue!nnOddly, the temps in STL have remained unchanged all morning – upper-50’s. I suppose it is the last hurrah of Spring before the warm temps settle in? But it is all the same to me, meaning it is quite pleasant. nnI called to have my stomach meds delivered today. They will be delivered “sometime today” (heaven forbid they paint themselves into a corner and say “in the afternoon” or “in the morning” – just, SOMEtime today). So I will try to be available at sometime today – I have to go to Schnucks, and will visit with the neighbor “S” in a bit, and I have to see what this placement-type place says about a possible writing job or/and training (which I inquired about (through E-mail) on Saturday). But, I should have a clear schedule around “SOMEtime”. LOL! nnHope everyone is well. Just wanted to write some stuff real fast. nnBack latern

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