Well, still roughly a half hour to go, but it is nearing midnight. And usually on Monday night/Sunday morning, around midnight, I step outside and have a pipe of English tobacco on the balcony. But, when it is Deep Winter, I do not partake, because my balcony is a flimsy, 40 year old platform that creaks and pops as it is, and I am worried the whole damn thing would collapse if I walked on it when it was frozen. But on this day/night of the week when the STLWX temps are above-freezing, I go out there. Sometimes.

the midnight for humanity

Snow. We barely got any this year (and no clue if any will be coming again in early-2022). I read that the SE United States was in for a warm and dry Winter this year, and they were 100% right. Now, I want a cool and dry Summer - that'd be the best. Or anything that doesn't resemble Summer 2019, as there were immense floods that reached above the heights of the Flood of 1993, and lasted significantly longer than the Flood of 1994. So, new records were set. CNN covered the STL floods back in 93/94, but anything outside of local news just ignored the STL condition in 2019, because "Trump said this", and "so and so commentator said that", yada yada, etc. Twitter drama through and through. So glad to be done with all that. Not that I could actually blame the national news for not acknowledging climate change atrocities, because it would be round-the-clock doomsday reporting if every little thing (or even a fraction of the significant things) got reported on. The world is in a natural state of chaos, and has been for some years now - things continue to get worse, but there is no need to lose sleep about it, as I genuinely feel there is nearly nothing that can be done about it (short term OR long term). Too many people using too many resources, and there is nothing that can be done about mass population (nor should there be anything "done" about it - we should all simply keep living), so, we just keep on keepin' on until the planet, herself, wipes us out (slowly or quickly - no one knows).