I didn’t get around to smoking the cigar last night, even though I had planned to at 2:00 AM. Around that time some neighbors started to act a fool out on their balcony on my side of the building (Friday night, eh?), so I just let them do their thing and I stayed inside, didn’t “stink out” their whole gathering with plumes of cigar smoke, lol! Besides, I want peace and quiet when I am out there having a smoke in the middle of the night, anyway.nnI’ve noticed something in the past few months, though – around 6:30 AM until after nightfall, I can hear Baumgartner Road (and perhaps even Telegraph) from my apartment. My *new* apartment, the one *not* facing the street! I am facing *away* from the street, and looking out towards a courtyard, so (and I am not complaining here, just pointing it out) I assumed that the round-the-clock silence would continue as long as I lived here. But it must have just been the fact that less people were getting out and about due to the pandemic, and now more people are driving around/doing stuff? I can’t say unequivocally that this is the case, but it *might* be the case.nnEither way, on with the morning!

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