Sometimes I mess around and start thinking I want to make a little landing page or something on, since I pay like $50 a year for the service. But then, it's like, other than testing a few code snippets (like simple HTML/CSS/JS) on it, I don't have a lot of utility for it. Because I have the blog (THIS blog). So, it all comes back to the blog. I am here, it's where you can find me (the only place to find me online), and everything I want to say/talk/write about can be found here - the blog, the blog, the blog! :)

I mean, I say I will figure out the whole "git" thing and start using my Github properly. And I DO have a contact form on Carrd (which can be useful), but even there, I am probably going to just list my e-mail in a mailto link in the left navbar of this blog when I get around to doing that (around the time the developer of this theme returns my e-mail (which I hope is soon)). Then, I will have an e-mail contact link (not a (formal) form), as well as an RSS link, and...that's it. Oh, and the blog! Haha.

Speaking of all this, I need to utilize the feature on Proton Mail. I think I can use it in conjunction with the regular address - which is important because I NEED to keep the latter for certain things to work for me (as far as logins and whatnot). So, that has been noted.

Back to life - with a blog!