As a slight change of pace from the "doom & gloom fest" that I exhaled onto this blog earlier this morning, I will write about the "best" writing experience I have had (and still look to do, in a way).

And that is/was the era of Spring 2015 when I was living in Midtown St Louis, and had a Brother Typewriter (electrical) and hammered out text (75 pages worth) in about three weeks. I could only write during the day, of course, because it was crazy quiet in my building at night, and crazy loud/busy in the city during the day. So, I wrote during the daytime about anything/everything that was on my mind (which was a lot, really).

But, the writing experience, itself, was incredibly satisfactory. Be it the keyboard, the tangible, tactile, analog experience of seeing blank sheets of paper become "life", the noise(s) affiliated with typing - it was all "an experience".

And, the/a typewriter sort of gives a person an excuse to "have fun" with the writing process, and also a sort of dedicated focus. A deliberate "objective" to the task at-hand. You're writing - that's all you are doing. And it's a "thing you are doing", not "a thing you are doing when you could actually be doing so many OTHER things" like one experiences with a computer. To genuinely dedicate oneself to "a thing", they would need to sort of single-task that thing. Now, in so many "computer situations", single-tasking anything is not necessary, and it can be (and usually is) beneficial to have multiple windows open, or to jump between this thing and that thing - but, the act of writing is not a "typical computer situation". The act of writing can be (yet, doesn't have to be) a practice of "intense, deliberate focus" (though, outcomes would be different depending on which route you take: deliberate focus, or, multi-tasked).

Anyway, as I mentioned, I would like to (in a way) recreate this "focused environment" without the actual need to get a physical (loud, obnoxious (to my neighbors)) typewriter. If I just had what I needed in terms of something like a teletype, or a terminal (meaning one of those old ass things from the 1970s - not just a terminal application), that could be beneficial for this endeavor. The MacBook always has been and always will be a (fairly good) computing device, which is a drawback in this proposed "single-tasking, super-focused scenario". So, I need to perhaps invest in something like this (a dedicated writing machine).

We'll see what comes of what

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