I've played a good deal of games in my life, though I am not what I would call a gamER. In fact, I just tucked away the Nintendo Wii with Twilight Princess back into the walk-in closet, because I don't plan on playing that game for a while (or any game, for any platform), because games are a drag to me. (Plus I used to be low key addicted to them in the early-2000s).

Anyway, I have had some good experiences playing video games - from playing Ocarina of Time while on LSD in 1998, to playing SOCOM Navy Seals during all night "benders" (a bender of playing video games), and a half dozen more times I can recall off the top of my head (which I will not bore you with here).

But, the most fun I ever had playing a videogame, was in mid-2009, and I was living at Sunset Point Apartments (now under a different name/ownership) in Crystal City, Missouri, and me and my friend "JB" got together on his top-floor apartment and had a gaming session of Pokemon...something or other. I do not recall which Pokemon game it was.

He had just returned home from work at Arby's, and I was in a rare mood to stay awake late into the night (because my medication usually made me lethargic by sundown), so, I went over to his apartment, and we left the apartment door open (because it was a cool, Spring evening), and he taught me everything I needed to know about that particular Pokemon game. I DO remember that it was for the Nintendo GameCube, but other than that, I have no clue what the details are of the game, itself. And there seemed to be a lot that went into it. Like a "strategy RPG", or turn-taking type of game (I have no idea what the proper terminology would be).

So, we sat playing Pokemon (with his fiance present, as well), and we cranked KSHE 95 (a local Rock radio station) on a medium-sized radio, and just talked, and BS'd, and I had one of the best nights of my life. He, ("JB") drank a handful of tall can beers that evening, as well, and he was fairly lit by 2:00 AM - when the cops showed up.

They asked us; "do you have any idea what time it is, or any idea how LOUD you're playing that music?" We said, no and no, and they informed us that it was 2:00 AM (we had, or I had sort of assumed it was 10:30 PM at that time), and they also informed us that if we didn't turn OFF the music (not simply turn it DOWN) that they would enforce the noise complaint that a neighbor had brought against "JB", and would put him into custody. We were apologetic, and the police went on their way, we shut off the music, and turned off the game, and that was the end of that night.

I have no clue what the conversation(s) revolved around that particular night (outside of the specifics of the gameplay, itself), but, I genuinely had an amazing time just feeling the cool Spring breeze come in through the front door, and chainsmoking Marlboro Light cigarettes, and BS'ing about any/all things in life that plagued for pestered us. The music I had heard dozens of times before, but we still sang along like they were the greatest thing we had ever had the privilege of hearing.

Fabulous time