I was having coffee on the balcony a moment ago, then I returned inside and decided to flip on radio.garden, but as of right now, I couldn't find anything I wanted to listen to (after a few clicks around a few stations in a few states in the US). So, I fired up Tidal, and put on the "Techno-ish" playlist. Right now, Aqua - "Cartoon Heroes" fills my ears on the TIN T2 IEM's :) I remember hearing this song for the first time on a collaboration amongst animators on Newgrounds.com back in the early-2000's, which at the time, was definitely the biggest collection of independent animators and "cartoonists" on the WWW. Many of those folks have gone along to legit game development jobs or even doing bits with cartoons on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (from what I understand - I do not know of any specific examples of the latter). But, the song was potent and uplifting in the collab video they used it in (which was like a mish-mash of every individual's most known character(s) in their toons).

Now, Gnarls Barkley sings "Crazy", which I had always thought was a cover song from something from the 1970's, but it is an original song (from the early-2000's, I think). A very popular one at that. Not that Gnarls is "Techno", but it "fit" on this playlist, so it got added ;)

And, I finish the coffee, just as I finish the coffee, but the music plays on. The sliding glass door is wide open, letting in the outside into my living room, accompanied with the floor fan sitting doorside, circulating the fresh air. A soda would be a welcome treat, as would a kitchen stocked with good grub, but I still await the Amtrak refund to hit my bank account, which I HOPE is tomorrow. I can "get by" until then, but it does have to arrive tomorrow, otherwise I will have to start Craigslisting things, haha. Not that using CL is a big deal, at all. I have plenty of "stuff" that I get little to no use out of, that I tend to just not sell because listing/selling things tends to be a bit of an inconvenience. There are things I've been meaning to rid myself of, though. Namely the Polk Audio TSi100 standmount speakers which get literally zero(0) use, and have been tucked away, wrapped in a blanket, in a tote in my walk-in closet for fxxx knows how long. Hell, I don't even have that NobSound mini amp any longer (which powered the speakers), because the damn power brick attached to the power cord would never "officially" shut off (it would just draw less power), and it would heat up to an ungodly temperature after a week, and I considered it a fire hazard, so it had to go. Luckily, it only ran me $90, and shipped direct from China. But, it was $90 wasted, so I would be wiser the next time I buy an amplifier for my home, or any music equipment for my home. That is, IF I buy any new piece of gear. I can "get by" A-OK with the HELM Bolt amp/DAC + T2 IEM's just fine, and might swing for a set of Audio-Technica ATH-...something 77X over-the-ear cans (headphones) at some point, but that is low on the priority list. Plus they run around $250, so that must be considered.

As much as I adore audio and nice audio quality, the entire hobby/habit is an EXPENSIVE one! Definitely a more affluent type of personal hobby. Not like hobbyist computer science, or hobbyist anything else (unless one is talking sport cars or sailing or some shit like that). A "good" (impressive) amplifier can start at $1,000 and go UP (UP, UP) from there. Same for a turntable, tone arms and cartridges (the thing that touches down on a vinyl record as it spins on a turntable). Plus power amplifiers, dual amplification, DAC's, speakers, speaker stands, and even beyond all that (record cleaners, record flatteners, sound-absorbing room treatments), and not to mention all the music that must be bought to actually enjoy a damn system. It seems over exagerated, or overblown, but seriously, people "go for broke" on even a moderate "entry level" system, which can cost $3,000 right out of the gate.

So, to hell with ALL of that! LOL! I can stick with my mini amp/DAC, which is essentially a USB-C dongle. That, and my T2's treat me right, and I might (as mentioned) get the AT headphones at some point, simply because there is an even more immersive (and powerful!) sound from good over-the-ear headphones.

Anyway, enough babbling and fantisizing. Hell, I starting this blurb saying how I need to get some $$$ together to even have FOOD to EAT, so I need to keep my head out of the clouds, and stay focused on the needs of life. Priorities - very important.

back soon