that's me in the corner, that's me in the spot, blogging, writing's my religion

REM, such a band.

The title-as-lyrics thing I "borrowed" from a former W.a blogger, but others had done it back in the gossip blog days, I suppose. More related to the actual celebrity they were writing about in that post, though, but...whatever.

I guess writing IS kind of my religion, too. I mean, I was raised Catholic, in an oldcore, Irish, meat & potatoes, son-of-an-autoworker, raised poor but grew up to be...poor in a different way type of family. That's a good way to get a grip on my background a little bit, as nearly everything I mentioned is obscenely stereotypical of certain families at that time (and still now, sorta, though the autoworker part has probably trailed off by now).

The religion (Catholicism) didn't stick. Whatsoever. I am a...non-practicing Catholic? I believe in God (sure, let's roll with it), and the religions of the world throughout history are fairly similar, so that part is fictionally accurate, too, I guess. Accurate that it tells (the same) story (that other religions tell) the accurate way, but man-made religion is still fictional. So...that's how I feel about that.

So that leaves me to writing. I don't have any dogmatic or holy approach to writing, other than I do it a hell (don't go there! ;)) of a lot, and I enjoy writing, and I always thought I should DO something with it. Like write a book, or even become a journalist (at one point - no desire for that profession now), or do SOMETHING that indicates I like (and am good at?) the art/craft.

But I just use an online journal (blog) to "get it out there". The extent of that "reach" is beyond limited, because I A) do nothing to market the journal, B) have no desire to use SEO methods in the text, or in any way, C) have no professional theme or subject to focus in on for the journal (other than my life, of course - but I don't write about other marketable/relevant subjects).

And I'd likely be ok with just writing in an editing app, or on paper, or scrolling with a quill (not really), but, I do things online because I was already "used to it" from the five+ years I spent writing professionally. And by "professionally", I mean I 100% lucked out and made some nice friends in some nice places, and was at the right place at the right time, and made a "good call" on my part to delve into "tabloid" blogging right at a time when it was "cool" to do so.

When there is a trough of subjects, genres, subject matter, sub-cultures, and topics to wade into, and everyone is doing SOMETHING in the space, then it was best for me to just JUMP IN and see what I could do with my (unrealized, and assumed writing "talent").

So, the frequency and effort put into the task (or journey, or hobby, or whatever) was sort of already there when I eventually tapered off from "pro" blogging and into journaling. I just couldn't see myself hammering out notes and not getting them in front of someone's eyes. It didn't (and doesn't) matter WHO sees them (the words), as long as they're there.

But having a flavor of success or even an arbitrary accolade from doing this for 15-ish years: nope. So I sort of see it more like socializing, or candid sharing, or friends through stories, or whatever. Meeting people online, and even having a handful of "one-off", "Hail Mary" (there's religion again) correspondences with a few folks every so often, it is kind of neat that people can and do keep up over prolonged periods of time, even though there isn't an elbow-to-elbow, in person, chatting session happening at any point, it's still nice. Pretty cool.

(no shit, I just looked at the word count after that sentence and it was 666! Spooky!)

So, I'll leave it on that note. Hope everyone is well. Hope writing goes well (for those inclined to do so in their free time).

back soon

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