I took out the trash, wiped down the kitchen counter, started dishes, all in about five minutes. I must lead a very manageable life (or, I don't lollygag a lot?).

But anyway, I have nothing special to write about at the moment, just figured I would write out some stuff for a bit.

Let me just address something real quick, though - the Thanx project. It has been on ongoing, tedious and monumental struggle for me for the past six months. I say I have been working on it for the past year, but really, I have been more or less stumped since late-Fall. I simply cannot visualize what it is I would have to do to make ends meet, get things off the ground, get the service to function (outside of what is already there). I tried every method, route, road, and path at my disposal to get ish up and going, and I simply don't have the mindset (nor motivation at this point) to keep up with the whole thing. And the entire POINT of doing "web dev" is to have fun (for me). Not just to kill time/be productive, and not just to learn/stay busy - but to actually have at least a reasonable amount of FUN while I am doing everything. And it isn't "fun" when I am working on the Thanx project, at all. And maybe this is why other devs hop/skip/jump from one pet project to the next(?), but I don't want any project(s) right now. I just want to take time to write on this here bloggo and not give a fxxx about web development activity for a while.

That's what I'll say about it. Back soon.