Rare, these days, that I write *anything* on my smartphone (besides an occasional text message). In fact, I rarely use my phone AT ALL other than to turn on the PDAnet+ application for tethering. But now, I am writing this blog post via Firefox. Weird, how muscle memory works, and I can just start thumb-hammering text without an issue (and quickly). nn**Why write on mobile?**nnBecause the MBA is wired to the television set (my third time using it (the TV), I think – and I have had it since January). And I am watching **The 8-Bit Guy** (or binge watching, really) and it is a playlist of him making his “dream computer” (the Commander X16). And it is fairly entertaining. nnStuff like this makes me want to do “computer-y stuff”. I can/do fool around with web dev sometimes, but doing development from scratch is a no-go for me, I think, because there is just too much to deal with, really. Plus, I’m not super thrilled with writing in PHP and creating MySQL databases, and the time spent configuring CSS sheets, etc. I’d *much* rather just use the knowledge I have to run *other* software, and configure this and that on occasion if I have to. Not too bad. nnI love *learning* about a lot of random shit, though. Hence the **8-Bit Guy** playlist. It’s important to be a lifelong learner, I think. Even if X amount of info/knowledge is not utilized in a pragmatic manner, just the mental *stimuli* is worth it. nnOk, I don’t know how long I have rambled for, because there is no word count on W.a mobile, I don’t think. nnBack later, though

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