Or in this case, two teas, for me, with no one else nnTea + lemonade, which has come down in price from $1.03 to $0.79 per can. Inflation isn’t everywhere, I guess.nnI’ll enjoy them (one at a time) out on the balcony in the sun, watching people come and go, dogs getting walked, birds mingling and sometimes flying *right* towards me from across the parking lot, and not realizing I am there, and *just* before landing, they make a fast 180, and avoid being “hunted”/preyed on by the terrible human creature that sits on my patio (me). nnHonestly, why can’t we pet birds? Birds are *so* apprehensive about anything getting near them other than other birds. Near every other creature (squirrels, deer, even foxes), they (sometimes) let me (or anyone) get within a few feet of them before they trot off. Birds must have it within their genetics and core psyche to NOT go near anything that isn’t another bird, elsewise be eaten on the spot.nnAnyway, off to the balcony, to enjoy tea/lemonade, be ignored by birds :Pnnback soon

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