I mailed off the tax paperwork to the tax folks just now (through snail mail), and now that that is taken care of, I can probably expect a letter back in the next week (or more) stating what my return will be OR a phone call telling me what my return will be. Chances are, it will be both a letter and a call, which is fine.

The floorlamp, still not Out For Delivery - it is at a FedEx location in St Louis, but has not left as of 11:40 AM (right now), so I can probably expect yet another day long delay in it's arrival (which is ridiculous because it has already had at least three day long delays since ordering it 10 days ago). First world problems, indeed.

Mail, expecting nothing via USPS. Just junk mail, really. And the first night with the new medication went well, by the way. Today is good, too. Slept really good, that is for sure (4 hours + 4 hours. I'll take it!).

No other things need be addressed today, I don't think. Just going on through the day :)

back soon