Usually I get a fair bit back in taxes, so I am hoping that is the case for the calendar year of 2021, as well. Several hundreds dollars would be good, because I owe the moms ~$300, and that would take care of that. It’s for/from random purchases that were made last second in a few scenarios, and over time what I owed her has built up. I don’t do this basically ever, but for now, I owe her round about $300. I’ll be glad to have that burden off my chest, because I do not like owing anyone.nnAnother thing I am considering for January, is getting more silver. I still have the checklist in mind in terms of putting $100+ on the Linode account (so adding funds/credits is not a monthly expense for me any longer – I can just fire up a VPS whenever I like and not have to worry about it), and I also have the US Passport set as a priority to get in early-2022, as well. But, buying a bit of silver is always a good choice, as it is a wise (albeit fairly small) investment. Hell, a LOT of different things are happening in terms of money for 2022 – the newer/better debit card this month (I am calling them around 9:00 AM this morning to order the new card), getting a Revolut Card (as soon as the previously mentioned card arrives), gonna fool around with the RobinHood investing app a bit (maybe), and also go back to “stacking” silver (AKA, saving/collecting).nnJust a lot of “life stuff”. I am going to try to get through this list as soon as I can, because I do not want to *draaag* it out over a period of months, and be burdened with the responsibility of “I need to do XYZ thing before I can do some other thing” – just get it all done ASAP. Lickity split! LOL!nnAnd after Xmas, during the time between Xmas Day and NYE (or, **the long week**), I will go to Schnucks and get my COVID booster shot. Hopefully I don’t get sick. Wish me luck on that.nnHere is the list now, having removed the four items I already did in the past month:nn- get a COVID-19 booster from Schnucks after Xmas/before NYEn- get a replacement debit card in Decembern- get a Revolut Card for a secondary banking optionn- get a US Passport (Feb 2022 (or before))n- put $100(+) on Linode accountnnAll will be done soon :)nnback later

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