There’s a somewhat distinct change of color on the TOP of my arm as opposed to the BOTTOM of my arm, occurring from the sun. A sunburn. It’s not *that* distinct (or pronounced, either) where everything changes – sort of a mild gradient that can be seen in the right lights. It’s very noticeable to me. Photo below (even though the camera didn’t really pick up on it):nn![](https://i.snap.as/oMRINzLo.jpg)nnAlso, my LEFT arm has started to collect freckles and odd spotting due to the fact that there is a large black and gray koi fish tattoo there, and the dark inks pick up on sunlight and absorb it, causing reactions throughout. So now it is a freckled koi fish.nnNothing is “burnt”, yet, though. Just getting redder. I hope to not burn, as I want to be sitting outside as often as I do now throughout the Summer, and not giving a fxxx about the heat, because I *can* not give a fxxx about the heat, because of the healthier position I am in. Before, I had to retreat like a repulsed vampire every time I stepped into the sun, because prolonged exposure to heat/humidity caused me to hyperventilate and sweat profusely, and it was an uncomfortable experience. Now I can tolerate stuff just fine. So, I want to take advantage of my newfound “super power”, lmao!nnJust some observancesnnback soon

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