When I use my MacBook, I am generally on the Internet in some form or another. So I decided to check my ScreenTime Report (that macOS offers) in my notification tray, and it says that I spent an everage of **3.5 hours a day** on the laptop (and therefore online, in total, because I rarely use my phone for anything other than sending/receiving text messages or/and Google Duo calls (rarely) or/and phone calls).nnSo, that comes to around 4/5’s of my day NOT spent online in any capacity (I don’t use/own a smart TV (or *any* TV), or use Internet radio, or have a smartwatch, or anything like that).nnSo 20 hours a day spent **offline** (which, seems to be an accurate number when I think about it) equals 140 hours in a week (out of 168 hours in a week total), and that equates to just under six of the seven days of the week I am **NOT online** when all tallied together! Wow!nn**Why crunch these numbers?**nnIn the past few weeks (or basically since I stopped checking the #’s, stats, traffic of blog posts that I published on R.w.a, and DE-listing from R.w.a, and just letting numbers be as they are and writing on my own accord without being a part of any type of “feed”), I have spent a *LOT* less time looking at, sites online, checking blogs (and my Feedbin RSS reader, for that matter), going down “clickholes”, watching any and all random YouTube videos, etc. So, I am basically just hopping online for an hour or so at a time a few times a day (usually with coffee ;)) and hammering out a blog post, maybe watching a YT video, quickly checking R.w.a (for *other* people’s blog posts), stopping into Discuss.write.as, sometimes, and checking Feedbin if/when I know a good amount of time has elsapsed since checking it previously (because blogs do not get updated that often usually – at least not the ones I subscribe to).nn**OK, so what?**nnJust *feels* good to say that the majority of the time I am NOT online, and that I am kinda/sorta where I have wanted to be for years now (hell, it’s been over a decade since I wanted to take a prolonged break from, or have reduced usage *of*, the Internet). As there is something special about *just living*, doing, being, existing in life, in general, and not being caught up in the 24/7 (manipulative, corrupt, and sensationalized) hype of “digital life”.nnI just am how I am. And I am fine with being just that. nnBack later 🙂

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