I don't know what I want to write about in this moment, so I will just hammer some text until something comes about. I have a few drafts like this, sort of "intentional writing" drafts that auto-saved to my Ghost Dashboard (or, in the list of Posts, I should say), but, I need to go through and delete them because they are just taking up space, no use to them as they will never get published.

Also, I imported some blog posts that will be used with the Making Thanx! mega post in the future (as that blog post will be hosted here, on olry.co, and NOT on Thanx, itself), and I will go through and publish each of those in a little bit here, and maybe try out the "featured posts" feature that this template offers? I don't really "need" to feature any posts, though - as I prefer this blog to just be an ephemeral flow of posts, and ideas, and daily occurrences, etc. I like the "Pro" layout and professional function of Ghost, but I don't need to act like this journal is a professional "blog" or anything like that. So, I doubt anything will end up getting "featured" in the end.

Anyway, I will put thos posts to "Public" real quick, just so I don't have to scrounge through the Drafts to find them in the future.

back soon