So, I decided that I need to Be Smart(TM) and take stock of things for life – food, tobacco, hygiene products, and life goods. With any/all upcoming income I have, I am going to start stockpiling (kinda/sorta) things that will be useful to have on hand longterm. Not “prepping” in any sense of the word, just things that I will not have to “worry about” buying for a while, as I tend to do this once or twice a year, because it is simply a smart thing to do :)nnSo, I made a lengthy list on Standard Notes of everything I can think of that I will actually USE and benefit from. This is that (lengthy) list -nnTAKING STOCK (food):nn- (2) LARGE bags of mixed vegetables (oriental + Normandy blend – keep both frozen)n- (4 to 6) 6-packs of Maruchan ramen noodles (homemade vegetarian style, pitching sodium packet)n- (1 each) McCormick spices – pepper (grinder), basil, Cavender’s Greek Seasoning, onion powder, lemon pepper(?)n- (1) 4-pack container of stick butter (real)n- (1) LARGE olive oil (cheap stuff is ok)n✅ (1) LARGE container of quinoa, in-bulkn- (3) tall jars of Folgers Noir Golden Dusk instant coffee n- (3) packages of Mission tortilla wraps (large, fluffy – use one, freeze the other two)n- (1) Teriyaki saucen- (2) LARGE jars of JIF peanut butter n✅ (2) LARGE jars of grape jellyn- (1) LARGE bag of brown sugar (+ container to store it in (Mason jar))n- (2) LARGE containers of Log Cabin maple syrupn- (2) LARGE containers of Quaker 1-minute oats nn…nnTAKING STOCK pt. 2 (tobacco + tobacco products):nn- (2) 16 ounce bags of Hearth & Home Louisiana Red Bulk VA/Per tobaccon- (?) several various tins of tobacco (mostly English blends)n- (4) 12-packs Dill’s pipe cleanersn- (1) $0.99 nail tampern- (3) 5-packs of Bic (full-sized) lighters (Schnucks, best price)n- (1) bottle Briarville Pipe Sweetener n- (1) estate pipe from Etsy (best price)nn…nnTAKING STOCK pt. 3 (hygiene/life goods):nn(a. hygiene)nn- (1) 2-pack of Old Spice Fresh deodorantn- (2) LARGE packages of (soft) TPn- (2) LARGE Suave shampoo (original)n- (1) 8-pack Irish Spring soapn- (4) LARGE packages of Bic disposable razorsn- (3) LARGE(?) regular-sized(?) tubes of toothpaste (any brand)n- (1) backup toothbrushn- (1) LARGE container of Extra Strength Tylenol nn(b. life goods)nn- (2) LARGE containers of Clorox Wipesn- (1) container of Swiffer wet mop padsn- (1) LARGE container of off-brand Cascade (generic dishwasher soap)n- (1) LARGE pack/case of lightbulbs (Daylight light bulbs, the brightest)n- (1) small pack of AA batteriesn- (1) small pack of AAA batteriesn- (1) page/packet of Forever stamps nn…and I think that will do it, for now. nnShould cover me for quite a while :)nnback soonnn(*EDIT* – I added in the deodorant and TP into the hygiene section, as the original posting of this entry negated those two things (as I forgot) – THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS!)n

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