It feels *good* to be writing in this old (familiar) format, again. I like W.a, I do, and it was definitely my first “home” away from social media after I left Twitter in late-2019 (I *used* to consider my Twitter account my “home on the Internet”, believe it or not). I feel the interface here on W.a offers a “thoughts unencumbered” (actual word?) type of writing enviro. And I will always appreciate that. I also appreciate the people here on W.a/R.w.a, as everyone has always been friendly, and me likewise. nnAnd speaking of R.w.a, I won’t put this blog back on there, because there are simply *too many* posts from me throughout the day (on some days) to be “spamming” a public feed with it all. A small corner of the Internet is more my jam.nnGhost is good, too, but quite “full”. Meaning it is great for hosting a newsletter or some ad-driven blog of some kind (how that could work in 2022, I have no idea), but, I am not trying to find a Substack substitute – I just want to write a bunch of stuff :DnnNow, coffee. Later, more writing.nnback soon

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