I ordered a 3-pack of white v-neck t-shirts, because I am a pretentious hipster, lol! This way, I will not have to worry about always running low on shirts to wear, because I currently own but three t-shirts total (a heather pocket tee, a black v-neck, and a white pocket tee (the white pocket tee will go in the trash soon enough because there is a hole forming in the corner of the pocket)). And I am glad I ordered more plain tee's instead of a graphic tee or a band tee or something like that - not that I am "against" band/graphic/pop culture tees in any way, but I, personally, like the dressed-down, classic, timeless look for my wardrobe. Just a preference.

So, I will fetch my clothes here soon enough, and then make a short jaunt to BP, where I will buy a couple soda and something to snack on perhaps. The CBD gummies arrive tomorrow, not today like I had thought. The tobacco arrives tomorrow, too, apprently. The floor lamp is still in Greenwood, Indiana, and hasn't gone anywhere since the shipping label was created. But then again, they have been hit just as hard as STL with snow and everything else, so...yea.

On "back admin" - my back seems to be doing much better (thank Dog!), but I am still taking it easy for the most part. But I am glad I am not in terrible pain as I had been just a week ago. Gotta stay careful.

Now, starting coffee. On with the day! :)