It is exactly two years before I turn forty years old. Wow! I remember being an eight year old and attending a 40th birthday party for an Uncle or and Aunt or whatever the case (I forget who, exactly) and how I saw the black balloons and the black cake, and how everything said “Over The Hill” (meaning life was all downhill from there, essentially) and how cool it was, and how *I* always wanted to be 40. For whatever reason, I think 42 will be my best year, but I do not know why I think this. If I am lucky, marijuana will be legal for recreational purposes by the time I hit 40, and I can be an “old head, stoner, audiophile, cool old guy”, lol! I always dreamed of holding this title ;)n nSome days, I already feel like I *am* 40, or 45. Hell, when I was 16 I felt like I was 80 on some days (being broken down and delusional from halucinogen toxicity). Seriously, halucinogens AGE you, badly, and it takes a lot to come back from that – it’s a miracle I ever did.nnI’m glad I did, though, because now I get to be some “old wise man”, or at least be perceived as such to the younger crowd, and *when* I reach 70 years old, or even 80 years old (I’m ruling out 90), I plan on capitalizing on that “*perceived*” belief that I know more than I do, because at that point I will know as much as I am going to know, so I may as well have some sort of high-minded attitude about it, haha.nnI still gotta double my years (and then some!) before I get to that point, though, and I am looking forward to it.nnAnyway, here’s to aging!nn

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