6:00 PM on the dot here. Sunday night. And at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning I will do laundry (as I usually do on Mondays).nnFor now, just some instant black coffee to see me through the evening.nnOK, enough of the planning, scheduling, and logistics – all of that will come to pass when the time comes. Back to life.nnI think back to what I consider the Constitution of this blog, [this post here](https://write.as/tmo/trying-to-write-something-profound) titled “trying to write something profound”. About my life, my priorities, and where I want to be…eventually, and where I am at now, in a way.nnI suppose I am on this same track in life. I mean, I still need to move to a heavily-wooded area (somehow? someday?) but let me address that, too: nnI no longer feel the pull/push for wanderlust in my life. Like, I just *don’t* care any longer. I’m nearing 40, I’m totally chill and relaxed in S St Louis County, and my family and friends are here (or around here), and I don’t really need or want to be somewhere else.nnI *used* to want that. To be some sort of “digital nomad”, explore the furthest regions of whereverthefuck. But just like moving to a big city from a small town – it’s a thing (probably) best enjoyed in youth. As *so* many people travel the world, see, explore, etc. in their 20’s, and then settle down and do the “regular” thing.nnSome people do it the *other* way, ([like my friend, Mike](https://mpmilestogo.me)) and travel/see/explore in retirement – this is awesome also! And still, there are some who have *always* been nomadic, and others who never traveled hardly at all (I think of old friends who bought homes on the street they grew up on – I have several friends like that).nnBut, it’s more about the priorities and intentions of the individual.nnAnyway, just wanted to put that out there – that unlike the *yearnful* days of living in Pevely, Missouri circa 2011/14, and wanting to *just get out* of Smalltown America, and wanting to live in the rural areas of Japan, or lease a studio apartment in Manhattan, or rent a flat in London, I no longer desire to do so. Not in a strong sense, anyway.nnBack later

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