Ironic that I was just talking about the MBA lasting five+ years a few moments ago, and then I try to install software that nearly bricks it, haha.

I was installing Bluestacks 4 (an Android emulator) for macOS, and it has to have all these Security permissions and blah blah blah, so I allowed them, and then a reboot was required, so I did it, and then it said "depending on machine performance, initial boot could take up to several minutes". So, I waiting, and then ::swoosh! Crash!:: - the fan fired up in one, big, powerful gust of wind and then the laptop crashed. I was able to start up again straight away with no problem, but....yea, I am not going to use Bluestacks, lol! I uninstalled it, it's gone.

why was I installing an Android emulator?

Because it has the Google Home app which I could use to cast to my TV, and just use my phone as the WiFi (data) hotspot (which apprently works - though there isn't much logic behind it). It works for casting only (allegedly), but now I will never find out. Oh well.

It'd be better if Chromecast devices were not so locked down as to be reliant on dedicated WiFi networks, and could adapt to mobile hotspots on-the-fly like every other internet connected device is able to do, but...whatever. And yes, I fooled with the Proxy settings, got everything correct there, and it is still a no-go. Fxxx Google.

I'm better off

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