Almost like a telegram with that title. Switched laundry loads STOP – no mail was received STOP, lol!nnI wonder if telegrams still exist? Like, can I send one to another person in the United States if I really wanted to? I think they were used for when someone wanted to send an *urgent* message to someone else and phones didn’t exist at the time? Or phones were less prevalent? Or the individual who was *receiving* the telegram didn’t have a phone? nnI know couriers still exist (by bike, not by horse), which makes sense in some ways – but I think they cost a bit. I was going to use one at one point when I lived in midtown St Louis, but decided to save my money instead.nnPayphones are nearly non-existent, too. They used to be everywhere. In fact, there is a small area for a payphone in the laundromat where I am doing my laundry right now (as these buildings were built in 1982). The phone? Long gone.nnI won’t go into a list of all things obsolete in the 21st Century, because I would be here for the rest of the year, and not many people are too concerned with what *was* and what *is no more*, anyway.nnAnyway, at 7:15 I will fetch my laundry and change clothes, feel fresh.nnBack later

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