Put some salt in a small mason jar with luke warm water, and swished with that just a little bit, as that is what is recommended in the dental aftercare literature. Swishing with salt also reminds me of the band Sleeping With Sirens, which I think I saw play at Vans Warped Tour 2014. Was never a huge fan.

STLWX forecast: "Ice for 120 minutes". Wow! Terrible weather.

Anyhow, I am going to make something substantial to eat in a little bit here. Something simple, but substantial.

The leg spasms are fairly frequent today due to the hernia or whatever the hell is going on. Also soreness :/ And I kind of assumed I would be more aware of the pain there after the tooth pain had been taken care of. Which, there is nearly no pain at all in the tooth socket, which I am very thankful for. Swelling, yes. Slight soreness, yes. But nothing like what was there with the bum tooth.

An ok day for me. Better than I have had in some time, painwise. There still life admin mandatory upkeep to be done, but all works out eventually :)

Back soon