sweet tater supper

Just some nice canned sweet potatoes for supper tonight.

Fried in light butter (salted butter). And a sprinkling of dark brown sugar after they were plated. Dark brown sugar is better, as there is more molasses mixed in, and is sweeter.

The can that I had said "cut into bit sized chunks". So, a typo on bites? And I guess a bit is more than a bite in food terminology, because these were BIG chunks of sweet potato. Like, five chonks per can. Almost like a single sweet potato was skinned/sliced/canned, and they sold it off for $2.

Not bad for a single side dish (or entire meal for a vegetarian like me, who has a minuscule stomach). For Thanksgiving, it'd be a waste of money.

The evening rolls around, and I stopped by the apartment of Neighbor "S", but he was either asleep or not home. No answer. I will stop by tomorrow.

Anyway, I e-mailed Anthony at DNSimple, and I just let him know that when my trial period ends tomorrow (July 31) that I will not have funds on that card, but that I WILL have funds on that card August 1 - the day after. So I wanted to confirm that my acct will not be suspended, and that I WILL be paying for a year of the service, but will just be a day late.

And I went ahead and enrolled in the annual plan for $60 per year, so I don't have to shell out $6 every month, as that is a hassle.

And now that I think about it, I could make a Uses page here on tmo.name, and be "one of those people" that have affiliate links on the blog. Not to "make money", but to just sometimes get free credits on accts (DNSimple, Linode, etc.), but more amusing would be to see if anyone actually clicked a link I provided, because I DON'T think anyone would be privvy enough to sign up for a web service just because I said it was good/cool. I don't actually know how the psyche works for affiliate-type sign-ups. I guess people see "Cool Guy" uses X service, and either from thought-out (and written out) detail on their site (or maybe a YT video), that they (the person reading/watching) makes a decision to join that service (which makes perfect sense). Or, they just want to be "Cool Guy", and become carried away with "influence" and join the recommended service for....X reason. I don't know.

Anyway, I will put together a Uses page real fast. As I want free credits, and also because I am shallow. Even though I railed against having too many pages on a site/blgo before, but, I contradict myself, yet again.

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