I had sweet potato fries in the freezer, and I was needing something substantial to eat after the workout, so I made those for breakfast. Delish. I am not sure how “healthy” that is for a breakfast meal, but it is better than eggs or waffles, or something like that, for sure. And usually I avoid carbs, but I specifically bought sweet potato fries instead of regular fries, because they metabolize slower – or they metabolize into sugar slower and cause less of a sugar spike (for those prone to sugar spikes, which I am not, thankfully).nnThe leg? Doing OK. I keep forgetting that it is still injured/still on the mend – but, it IS still injured/on the mend, and I need to continue to be careful with it, and not walk any long distances on it.nnAlmost positive I pulled a muscle with it. Probably in the top 2 worst injuries I have had in my life – and that includes during my time in Basic Training (where injuries happened all the time).nnSo now, coffee. While I sit in the crackle chair that is decaying slowly, lol! I have some chairs I like on Wayfair, and *definitely* have a desk that I like saved to favorites on Wayfair, as it has been a thing I have considered getting since…forever ago.nnIn fact, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to ask for for Xmas (the desk). I think it runs $97 (which is a bit of an odd price), and is *looks* very nice, and is just the right size (in this configuration – there are three sizes). So, this is something I may ask for.nnOf course, there is still the issue of the chair (that I will buy for myself, after the desk). This cardboard-esque “crackle chair” will definitely work for a while, but a new one must be bought eventually. Not Herman Miller, or Article, or some overpriced/designer/go broke type of chair, either. Something that has no wheels, doesn’t swivel, and preferably requires no assembly – that’s what I want.nnNotednnBe back soon

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