I was right, I DID get good sleep last night. Seven hours! :) From midnight until 7:30 or so. I feel very good!

Upon waking, it was coffee and a cig, and then off to Schnucks, where I wore a technical jogging fleece and the new bowling/punker jacket from my friend "S", and it was beyond overkill for a 54 degree day. I was sweating bullets by the time I returned home. I opened the sliding glass door, turned on the central fan, and removed the layers of insulation I was wearing, and have since been cooling off. I also managed to get in a cheese sandwich in that time, because I was very hungry.

I opted for the Taster's Choice "Noir - Golden Dusk" coffee this time around, because a huge glass jar of it was $4.99 - DEAL! Also, Prairie Farms Caramel iced coffee, because it looked tasty. Having some of that now.

Man, I feel so much better having gotten rest. I was almost delusional last night from having been up for nearly 24 hours, and I THINK it was the amount of cigarettes I smoked that kept me going in that time. I usually do not smoke as heavily as I did yesterday. I smoked nearly two packs of non-filters throughout the day, and usually I have maybe one pack of filters - if that. I just pumped those damn things down like they were going out of style, and cigarettes are, in fact, very out of style (from what I can tell).

It's a cloudy but cool day outside. Not cool enough for sweaters and jackets, but it is definitely nice t-shirt weather. The birds are out, as are the squirrels, as are a few neighbors - doing their thing.

Nothing else to write about at this time. I'll be back later.