I think my perception of "a minimalist" was (for a while): someone who can live comfortably out of a backpack, or even better, someone who has nearly nothing at all (perhaps just an EDC worth of possessions to their name). And maybe that is what caused a slight twinge of guilt when I bought my TV console, and accepted the hand-me-down TV, and also getting a proper/dedicated writing desk, all in the same month. But in all honesty, I'm still pretty dang minimal. LOL! I live in 430 sq ft, I have only the necessary and basic possessions to my name, and even though this is still considered "extreme" in some people's eyes (though not as "extreme" as it was perceived as just 10 years ago - people used to think I was 100% batshit), I think the majority of people have come around to the fact that less can be, and usually is, better - and also that hoarding is a serious issue some folks face (most of whom have no idea that they even are hoarders, sadly), and also maybe people are just more "glass half full" type of people, and see the positive benefits of living with/owning less.

But on that note, I've mentioned that how in late-2020 I was doing an "apartment overhaul", and getting decor, and getting proper (AKA a reasonable amount) of furniture, and other common goods over the course of the following year, and I did just that. But now, my living room/kitchen walls have a fair amount of decor (which I am fairly happy with - looks great!), and I even have a fake (homemade) planter of vine hanging in the bedroom. In my eyes, place: decorated! Because minimalist or not, someone has to draw the line (for themselves) to say; "ok, I have enough stuff in my home". Like, do I NEED every inch of my walls covered in some decoration? Do I NEED every bit of floor space occupied with this piece of furniture or that? No. Of course not. I do, afterall, have to LIVE with this stuff - like a roommate. And make no mistake (like the quote from Fight Club): "the stuff you own, ends up owning you". So, I am being careful - careful as to not NEED to accommodate too much stuff that may or may not be serving a legitimate purpose.

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