Went to Schnucks, bought soda, and had no major leg pain. Awesome! Still on the mend though, for sure. And I am still taking it easy, going slow. But I’m glad my life isn’t destroyed from what was a *stupid* injury (I stepped on a pothole in the dark and hyper extended my shin muscle, just to remind the dear reader). I am feeling *very* grateful this morning. Absolutely.nnNow, I am having soda and will be ready to go to the ‘rents at around 1:00 PM for the O’Family get together, and that will be a good time, indeed.nnBeen a good morning (since 3:00 AM, when I woke up). And tonight *if* I feel energized enough to do some dev stuff, I certainly will. I will create a new Nanode (same as the *old* Nanode which I deleted a couple of hours ago – to start fresh), and revisit the Ghost software to self-host a small (open source (eventually)) blog. Gonna be a lot of fun! And just so there is no confusion, nothing has changed with the **Thanx** nanode – it has been untouched since…forever. Of course I did the db stuff the other day, but it is still functioning A-OK, so, that’s good.nnBack to it!

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