That is, peanut butter and preserves, which is absolutely delicious. And I am on my third cup of coffee, too. Also remembering to stay hydrated as I have the coffee because I do not need to *tense up* from having had so much (not so much from the caffeine, but not have my *muscles* tense up, which tends to happen when I am three cups deep).nn**a part of something, not apart from something**nnI am taking a new (mental) approach to how I contribute to the Internet (if someone wants to call it that – I am no content creator or anything, but, I feel we ALL have something to add to the conversation of humanity in one way or another). So, this blog is not *separate* from the WWW, and it is not some offline “pen-and-paper” journal that I am stashing under my mattress – it is “a part of what’s said” online. De-listed, but public. Off socials, but can be interacted with (such as through my contact form, for example). Personal, yet “*for*” anyone to consume (or learn from). And this is how I will see it moving forward.nnJust wanted to get that out there, as it is a healthier way of doing things than being “me minus socials/feeds/etc”. It’s just me, and anyone who happens across it (the blog), and may take away something interesting from what is written here :)nnBack latern

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