The clouds opened up. It is raining a “steady” flow here – big drops, cold drops, at a regular pace. No thunder, no lightening – just water.nnSo, I sit listening to it next to the sliding glass door (which is wide open), and finish up a *different* blog post over on the other bloggo (why two blog? I have no idea). I also finish up my third cup of coffee. nnIt’s ten past midnight, Monday – a rainy Monday, so a terrible dilemma for those in the working sphere. Difficulty driving in it, dreary outside – big (First World) problems for some indeed.nnBut I’m indifferent about the scenario. Well, I am **not** indifferent, I am quite happy that it is raining. And that it is Spring. nnAnyway, I am doing ok tonight. No pressing or fascinating updates to write about at this moment. Just enjoying the rain.nnback soon

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