Made the sunny walk over to Schnucks just now. Got a Mt Dew Code Red, and a Diet Mt Dew, and is it. Breezy, 64F, sun all over, brilliant.nnI got in and cracked open the Code Red and opened the sliding glass door some more, letting nice air fill the apartment, feeling good.nnAnd Now, the “sub-punk” playlist is on, and I try to think of BS to write. Though, I have no special ideas for what to write about as of yet (just waking up a bit ago, and nothing on my mind to ruminate about, and therefore nothing to write about).nnIn terms of the book my Uncle “J” wrote, it *was* returned to my mother to give back to him, because there was little to no chance of me reading it, due to the fact that I cannot read books with any sense of enjoyment. I mean, I read blogs and shit like that all the time, and even longer form blog posts/articles, etc. – but when I sit down to (calmly, quietly) read a book, I just antsy and I cannot read a single page. Stigmatism, I suppose.nnAnyway, really enjoying the playlist. And the #stlwx, and everything.nnback soon

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