sunny walk around The Port

Had a walk, around The Port apartments. Not a port that is seaside.

When returning to the property, Neighbor "S" was yelling from his balcony, offering me $5 for the chips and milk (bad combo) I had given him earlier today. The pantry I visited loaded me up with potato chips + four quarts of milk, neither of which I consume any of. So I figured Neighbor "S" could use them, so he got them.

He insisted on handing me a $5 bill, which I refused several times, and reassured him that "I do not eat chips, and I cannot drink milk - they would have been thrown away, you don't have to pay me", but he is from an "Old Class", where everything costs something and nothing is free, so I accepted his payment and told him I would buy him a soda from BP, but he didn't want one.

We sat and smoked cigs, and then I was off to BP.

Now I sit at home, Diet Pepsi by the laptop. Writing.

nice day

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