It’s like being ON the sun in my apartment right now. I have the heat on, and it hasn’t kicked into a cycle in over an hour because the sun is keeping this place *plenty* warm 🙂 I’ll take it, as it is like 40 degrees outside right now.nnTherapy has been confirmed for noon, so I am looking forward to that.nnRoto Rooter Army is still camped in the parking lot here, I guess they have some sort of critical dillema (sp?) they are dealing with, but I have no idea to be honest.nnBy the by, I paid $6(!) for a regular-sized package of Kraft Singles at Schnucks when I was there earlier. I think the cart total came to $22 for about five things (that are usually not too expensive), so I think we are definitely in some sort of supply/demand/shipping/inflation/market crisis of some sort or another in the USA. Just in time for the holidays 🙁 Add lack of worker bees to get stuff unloaded on the West Coast + the pandemic + just general inflation that would occur anyway, and we have a “perfect storm” of shite consumerism happening. Makes me wonder how long it will take for department stores to restock (if at all) after the Black Friday madness happens. I despise that that “holiday”, or tradition, or whatever exists in the United States. It should always be Cyber Monday 100% from here on out. But even then, *shipping* stuff will take forever, too. Of course every online retailer will still be offering CM deals when the “tradition” rolls around, so I am sure the cut-throat capitalists at Amazon will see this as an opportunity to wipe out some competition *when* the competitors fail to meet shipping expectations, as Amazon has their own fleet of delivery folks to undercut the USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.nnI realize that a lot of stuff cannot exist without some form of capitalism being in place, but the runaway system of oligarchical overreach that big co’s (tech oriented or not) have in place now does nothing but concentrate wealth, power, and (most grossly) **reliance** on those companies to make life in the developed world a functional thing. nnLike a smartphone. People for the most part need them to survive, right? So there should be a diverse amount of companies providing these devices. And the software *for* those devices, as well. But instead there is a duopoly (Apple/Android). nnAnyway, I won’t waste time talking about all that here, because I have written about it numerous times before, but it is still a tragically broken system here (and probably everywhere else in the world, too, unfortunately).nnLong and short of it is: capitalism (runaway, crooked, over-influential, power thirsty forms of it) *can be* passively beneficial to the average (mind/senseless) consumer, but when it comes to any form of miniscule interruption in an otherwise well-oiled machine of a supply chain – then it makes one (everyone) wish they had just bought local sometimes.nnBack later.

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